The Bishop is the source of Sacerdotal and Ecclesiastic Authorit within the Church , here sseen setting apart a deacon.

Rev. Byron Washington, M.Div., MBA

Vicar General

All inquiries for Membership shall be directed to the office of the Vicar General.

In the Matters of the Diocese of the Mid-Eastern States, Rev. Washington speaks with the authority of the Bishop

It’s an approach that brings together the best of financial planning and the best of investment management.

About our Diocese

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                              The two structures of a diocese are:                     

  • Bishop and the parishes
  • Synod and its committees            

The first structure is the bishop and parishes. It’s the original structure of a diocese—from Apostolic times to the 1840s, the bishop and the parishes were all that made up a diocese.

The bishop has oversight of the parish and licenses clergy to the parish. The clergy, as do the wardens and parish council, have certain responsibilities within the parish. To assist the bishop in his or her oversight, there are the offices of archdeacons and regional deans.

Its an approach that the bring to gather the best financial planning top and the best investment management

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Priests after the Order of Melchezidek

Our Team Members

Proud and Prepared

We are Members of the Diocese

Proud and glad to be a part of the Diocese and the United Apostolic & Charismatic Church. This is a great opportunity...

Richard Adkin Bishop in The Order of Simon the Cyrene

Being a Pastor from West Ghana, I am pleased that Bishop Davis and the Diocese have welcomed me with open arms from Africa..

James Domfeh Pastor in the Order of Simon the Cyrene

Coming into the Diocese from a mixture of religious tradition, I find acceptance and support for the convergence of both the old and the new.

Byron Washington Vicar General

I came in the. Diocese somewhat apprehensive because I had no adequate preparation. Bishop fixed that by sending me to school.

Paul Taylor Bishop in the Order of Simon the Cyrene

I serve a God who led me to know Bishop David Davis and then to join the Diocese of the Mid-Eastern States. Working with me in y challenges, they have embraced me.

Elmarco Love Pastor

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General Assembly of The United Apostolic and Charismatic Church 2024

Our Leader His Holiness, Pontiff Corey Alexander Jenkins, M.Div., D.D., OSSC

Congratulations to Our Beloved Rev. Dea. Byron Washington upon the completion of his course of academic learning and receiving His honors as Master of Arts in Divinity. Byron was his class valkedictorian and gave a challenging and poigniant message of achievement and a challenge to the 2024 class of the Metropolitan Christian Univesity concerning the reclamation of an African hermeneutic. Now set for appointment and ordination into the priesthood, we offer our thanks to God for this His servant of choice.

Likewise, all praises due to God for the designation of our beloved Mother, and First Lady of our Pontiff in the person of Bishop-Elect Bonita Reneé Jenkins.